narely . 

Narely (which means Naomi and Aurély) founded by two sisters acting as two best friends who launched Narely to offer pieces combining opulence and affordability. The two sisters became frustrated when they couldn't find jewelry that looked like them, was of good quality and would last them a long time.

Naomi with her passion for fashion and her attention to detail and Aurély composer and artist, always in the design of the perfect verse, knew that she could both combine their creative side in order to offer magnificent, unique and accessible pieces .

Each Narely collection is carefully considered with the latest trends in mind with pieces that seamlessly blend luxury with everyday style.
From unboxing to putting on your luxurious jewelry, Narely is designed to offer you true opulence, at a modest price.

Selected by sisters Naomi & Aurély, who put their passion for style and composition into each piece offered at Narely.