Caring for your NARELY jewelry

Our jewelry is made of high quality stainless steel covered with 14k or 18k gold plating. Gold-plated jewelry requires special care, so we recommend following these simple guidelines to ensure each piece's longevity and sparkle.

    Care tips :

    All metal is susceptible to natural wear and will eventually oxidize or discolor over its life, so they will need to be provided with a good cleaning.
    • Take off your jewelry when you exercise, wash your hands, take a shower, or do anything that involves moisture. Contact with liquid may cause oxidation or discoloration.
    • Make sure your hands are clean and dry when handling all gold plated jewelry.
    • Keep away from perfume, nail polish remover or bleach.

    Cleaning your gold plated jewelry regularly will increase the life of your pieces. We recommend that you use a special, quality cleaning solution to clean your jewelry.
    • Use a cleaning solution, lukewarm water and a soft cloth to clean your gold plated items.
    • Be gentle and make sure your jewelry is completely dry if you used liquid to clean it.
    • Do not use a microfiber or cotton cloth to clean your gold-plated jewelry, as this may damage the plating.
    • Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners that are not specifically designed for gold plated jewelry.

     For a longer life, store your jewelry in your NARELY box or pouch when you are not wearing them, especially your precious stones which can fall out if they are stored incorrectly.